Seamless Networking Solutions

Revolutionize Your Business Connections

eBusiness Cards revolutionize the way business owners and staff connect with people, offering seamless and efficient networking solutions. With our service, you’ll receive three (3) sleek metal business cards customized with your logo, name, and a QR code directing recipients to your digital business card.

Our professional digital business cards are designed to facilitate effortless connections, leaving a lasting impression and fostering meaningful relationships. Choose from a variety of stunning profile page options for your business cards, each equipped with a vCard feature for easy contact management and follow-up reminders.


  • Multiple Styles, Designs & Color Options
  • Share Contact Information
  • Share Business Information
  • Office Map Integration
  • Incorporate Logo, Headshot, and Business-Related Photos

For just $100, you’ll receive three (3) metal eBusiness Cards along with access to our digital platform. Additionally, you can make changes to your card for a nominal fee of $10 per alteration. In case of loss or damage, replacement cards are available for $40 (set of 3), and an annual renewal fee of $20 ensures uninterrupted access to our services.

Experience the convenience and professionalism of eBusiness Cards today. Make lasting connections effortlessly and elevate your networking game with our innovative solution.