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Are you ready to unlock your full potential and take your success to new heights? Look no further. At Alpha E Consulting, we’re not just your typical consulting firm – we’re your partners in progress, dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and dreams.

With our tailored consulting solutions, ranging from comprehensive strategic planning to customizable point services, we specialize in enhancing your power and performance across key domains such as Marketing & Communications, Lobbying, Clarity Coaching, and Passionate Philanthropy. Whatever your needs may be, we’ve got you covered. If we don’t serve a strategic or functional area, we have a network of partners to refer you to!

Whether we’re crafting innovative strategies, diving into hands-on implementation, hosting dynamic online courses, or inspiring you through engaging events, we’re here to support you every step of the way on your success journey.

So why wait? Let’s embark on this exciting adventure together and unlock the endless possibilities that await. Welcome to Alpha E Consulting – where your potential becomes reality.

What We Do

I always laugh when we are asked this question! My question right back to new clients is … what would you like to accomplish?  What are your goals?  What are your specific measurable results?  And by when?

Business Strategy

Let’s talk big picture! What have you done in the past? What has worked? What didn’t work? Where do you want to go? Let’s create a powerful future based plan to accomplish your goals.

Tactical Programming

Sometimes, you just need a point solution to get a project done or a press release to get the news out. Do you need a point solution to help you survive a program?

Crisis Communications

Do you have an issue that needs to be fixed?  We are experts on crisis communications and handling the difficult issues. If you need an Olivia Pope locally, call us!

Online & Print Design

Social media posting and boosting? Websites? Print materials include flyers, brochures, program books, tickets, invitations, and whatever else you can dream of. Give us a call and let’s work together.


We are proud to work on fundraisers, special events, conferences, and all types of formal and fun event. Online events and interviews are a powerful way to connect when distance is a factor!


At times, folks need connections to accomplish goals. Let’s discuss who you are seeking to connect with and get those introductions made. We also recommend the local chambers and service clubs.

New Ideas.
Solving Big Problems

Let’s get creative. Let’s get creating. And let’s get you sales!


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects


Why we are different

At Alpha E Consulting, we believe that dreams are meant to be pursued. As a child, Eva Montibello dreamed of having her own business. She spent her 20s and 30s working in corporate America, building her skills and network through volunteering and hard work. With a diverse background in corporate and non-profit industries, Eva brings a unique perspective and expertise to her work. She is committed to creating successful futures for her clients and making things beautiful. As Professor Coleman at Salem State College advised, “If you’re not making your company profits – you don’t deserve a job.” At Alpha E Consulting, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their dreams and build successful businesses. Let’s work together to turn your dreams into reality – contact us today to schedule a meeting.

Brand Projects

We love our clients!  We love our projects! We only work for people who we 100% believe in!

Kind Words

Eva maintained a high degree of passion and commitment for the job seeking to do what was in the best interest of the organization. She was a strong advocate and worked hard to develop relationships both internally and externally for the purpose of driving initiatives.

She produced a high level of productivity in executing plans handed down from the leadership and excelled at securing added value for our organization by developing relationships and working with radio stations to maximize opportunities.

Eva has many years of experience in the marketing field and was a great team player that always sought to participate in operational events supporting the organization;pp.  Eva was also a strong supporter of others especially her peers in driving operational initiatives not necessarily related to marketing. She specifically worked closely with our district management group in driving up our customer service experience.

I am grateful for Eva’s contributions to our organization and confident she has the intelligence, work ethic and communications skills to add value wherever she works.

Michael Hamra

President & CEO, Hamra Enterprises

Eva is a force of nature. She was the head coach of a leadership program I participated in with Landmark Education. From the first time I met her, I immediately recognized her talent as a leader. The coaching I received from Eva has been instrumental in my personal and professional development. Her passion is truly infectious, and she is an inspiration to all who know her. Not only does she have an incredible capacity to get things done, her ability to empower others to go beyond what they knew was possible for themselves is nothing less than remarkable. She is not afraid to make a difference in peoples. Eva exudes the kind of confidence that only comes from a person of enduring commitment and unshakable integrity. I wholeheartedly recommend her!

Frank Deitle

Founder, Building the Future

A highlight of my training and development with Landmark Education has been the privilege and opportunity I’ve had to be coached and trained by Eva Montibello. She has made a significant contribution to my life and the lives of two of my children who have also participated in courses there. Her insight and commitment have had a lasting and positive impact on us, and I cannot express my gratitude enough. To clarify, this was not a paid coaching engagement–she does this because she loves people and is committed to making a difference.

As a coach and leadership trainer she has a gift of discernment and a laser focus. She empowers the people around her and is someone you can count on to believe in you, even when you don’t. A woman of power and purpose, her commitment and love for people shines through like the sun. Should I live to see 100 I could not expect to meet a person more passionate, more loving, and more committed to people than Eva.

Eric Bryant

Founder, IT Counsulting Company

Eva is a well-qualified professional, with an experienced and diverse portfolio, covering many writing and design samples. She has worked on nearly every type of marketing piece.  both online and print – I remember her portfolio as impressive.

Eva is a dedicated, detailed orientated, innovative marketing professional. She is a talented resource for new and creative ideas, constantly trying to improve not only on the design, but the ROI of the marketing piece. Able to handle multiple projects seamlessly, and help others with their projects, all while remaining on schedule, Eva’s multitasking skill are outstanding. Not only does Eva excel in marketing, but she is fabulous to work with and manage. Always collaborative, open and positive – it is great to have her around.

Eva is committed to the people around her being successful which makes her a pleasure to work with. Eva always makes a difference. She does quality work and helps the people around her succeed, guaranteeing that she excels at anything she is committed to.

Carla Chermesino

Events Director, PSMJ Resources

Word association is a powerful thing and I can honestly say that the first words that pop into my head when I think of Eva Montibello are “tireless crusader”. Eva’s passion, commitment and tenacity are astounding, and her “non-stop, never give up” attitude will lead her to places of which most people can only dream. She is the embodiment of “walk the talk” and as such, has truly earned my respect and gratitude.

Anita Kagan, PHR

National Advisory Talent Acquisition Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers - US Advisory