Do you have a great idea or interesting new solution?

… and have worked for companies and relied on a bosses or teams to focus on many departments and details?  Many people are at a loss when setting up their own company. Our team has worked with public, private, non-profit organizations, and individuals to fulfill their dream of starting their own business.  Whether it is operational, business, or promotional support — you’ve found the right partner to get your new business launched!

Design Your Strategic Trajectory Towards Your Future

Intro to Sales

There is great power in understanding the sales process. It begins with the introduction of a person, product or service, the understanding of what is available – and how that offering can solve a client’s challenges, to trust to sale, and finally, when a person converts to a client. There are many techniques to move purchasers through the process.

  • Design your personal bio and profile 
  • Create your elevator pitch 
  • The power of storytelling and how to integrate storytelling in your sales 
  • Networking and connecting to sell
  • Transitioning from conversation to sales 
  • Delivering products and services for with integrity 
  • Keeping customers delighted 



  • Startup Roadmap
  • Brand Development
  • Idea-to-Sale Solutions
  • Point Solutions
  • Group or Individual Brainstorming & Strategy Meetings
  • Entrepreneurial & Professional Coaching

Point Solutions

You may not need a comprehensive strategic solution. You may need a point solution to accomplish a specific goal or to generate the funds to move to a comprehensive strategic road map. Let’s discuss your needs and pick a short term solution that works for you!

Program Points

  • Investor Pitch Deck
  • Personal Brand Package
  • Speaking Engagement Kit
  • Expert Media Alert Advisory
  • Online Professional Update
  • Reputation Management
  • Crisis Communications
  • Entrepreneur Startup Kits: Phase I, II, III