Empowering Advocacy Through Strategic Policy Engagement

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Your Gateway to Influential Advocacy

The legislative process in Massachusetts is complex, and it’s important to understand each step to effectively advocate for your legislation. At GoLobbyUp, we work with advocates who are passionate about making a difference. While we cannot guarantee that your bill will pass, we can provide the resources and support needed to inform and empower community members, legislators, and advocates.

We work with clients to develop a 360-degree strategic plan tailored to your needs. This plan will include a timeline with key milestones, a comprehensive communications plan, and strategies for both community and legislative awareness and engagement. We will also generate an accountability plan for leaders working towards bill passage, ensuring that everyone is working together towards a common goal.

Our Expert Services

Policy Development

We craft comprehensive policy documents, FAQs, and talking points tailored to your advocacy needs.

Digital Advocacy Tools

Enhance your online presence with custom websites and digital campaigns that promote your cause effectively.

Educational Workshops

Gain insights on legislative processes with our educational sessions on bill enactment and effective engagement.

Printed Advocacy Materials

Create impactful flyers, brochures, and posters designed to spread your message and engage the community.

Key Features of GoLobbyUp

Grassroots Engagement
We specialize in mobilizing community support to foster grassroots movements for legislative success.
Legislative Support in Massachusetts
Our strategic support focuses on passing legislation within Massachusetts, leveraging local insights and networks.
Canvassing Materials Creation

We provide professionally designed materials that help you canvass effectively and spread your cause.

Educational Empowerment

Empower your advocacy with our educational programs that teach the intricacies of law-making and community influence.

Advocacy and Legislation FAQs

Explore common queries about our advocacy services and how we can assist you in navigating the legislative landscape.

What services does GoLobbyUp offer for advocacy?

We provide strategic support to pass legislation, craft policy work, create essential documents, and develop targeted talking points.

How can GoLobbyUp help with grassroots community engagement?

Our team specializes in mobilizing community support through educational workshops, training sessions, and creating compelling printed materials for canvassing.

What educational resources does GoLobbyUp provide?

We offer comprehensive guides on how a bill becomes a law, alongside training to enhance your advocacy skills effectively.

Can GoLobbyUp assist with digital advocacy?

Yes, we help develop your online presence, including website creation and digital campaigns, to promote your cause to a broader audience.

How does GoLobbyUp tailor its services to Massachusetts legislation?

We have in-depth knowledge of Massachusetts legislative processes and provide localized strategic support to ensure your advocacy efforts are successful.

What printed materials can GoLobbyUp provide for my campaign?

We design and produce high-quality flyers, brochures, and posters that effectively communicate your message and engage the community.