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Welcome to Alpha E Consulting’s Coaching Services! At Alpha E Consulting, we believe in the transformative power of coaching with a committed partner. Only in the listening of someone who is dedicated to your success can you truly unlock your full potential. Our coaching programs are designed to provide the support, insight, and accountability you need to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Our Coaching Programs

Clarity Coaching

Clarity Coaching provides a caring and respectful listener who will either listen without judgment or listen for your commitments and dreams. This program helps you navigate life’s challenges and achieve personal growth.

Who Should Sign Up?

  • Chronic Complainers: If you find yourself complaining often and want to stop.
  • Stuck in Relationships: If you are stuck in relationships and want to clear out the baggage for a better relationship.
  • Big Dreamers: If you have big dreams and commitments that you would like greater access to.

Truth Coaching

Truth Coaching provides straightforward feedback to help you face your darker traits and embrace your full authenticity. This program is designed to help you take responsibility for your dark and light traits, empowering you to be your greatest self.

Who Should Sign Up?

  • Feeling Incomplete: Are you not where you want to be in life?
  • Feeling Stuck: Do you feel trapped in your current situation?
  • Facing Criticism: Do you feel as though you are a target for criticism?
  • Are you Self-Critical?


P&A Coaching helps you audit your life, set clear goals, and take strategic action toward achieving them and includes an assessment, scoreboarding, prioritizing, and accountability coaching to help you stay focused and motivated.

Who Should Sign Up?

  • Big Dreamers: If you have big goals and dreams.
  • Goal-Oriented: If you want to level up in life, career, or personal endeavors.
  • Strategic Planners: When you have a life plan and need to be more strategic and powerful around planning your work and working your plan.

Coaching Programs Overview

Tailored Coaching for Every Need

Session Options: We offer flexible session lengths to suit your needs:

  • 15-Minute Sessions: For quick check-ins and immediate clarity.
  • 30-Minute Sessions: For more in-depth conversations and exploration.
  • 60-Minute Sessions: For comprehensive discussions and deep dives into your challenges and goals.

Ready to Transform Your Life?

Don’t wait any longer to start your journey towards personal and professional growth. Schedule your coaching session with Alpha E Consulting today and take the first step towards unlocking your full potential.